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Congratulations on your pregnancy! You are probably feeling overwhelmed with excitement and have many questions. For example, “How do I fight morning sickness?” “I’m ten weeks pregnant; what’s going on with my baby’s development?” and, “What are all these tests my doctor is doing?”. The Best for Baby app can help answer many of your questions and support you throughout your pregnancy.

Best for Baby is an app created by medical professionals to help you learn about and keep track of your pregnancy. From week one to your baby’s birth, Best for Baby has important information about doctor’s appointments, your baby’s growth and development, and keeping mom healthy. Best for Baby features a countdown to your baby’s due date, contains checklists of items to read and complete during each trimester, and can send you notifications to remind you of important milestones in your pregnancy.

Most importantly, Best for Baby is a go-to resource for easy-to-understand, accurate medical information. Best for Baby is designed to help you have a healthy pregnancy and learn what’s best for your baby.

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