Custom Website Design

Mobile-projects-bannerIs website design really that important?

How necessary is it to have a site that looks nice in order to see results with an online business?

Before we share our biased opinion, let’s look at what other professional online business owners have to say about custom website design:

What’s the most important thing about quality website design?

Matt_SiltalaConversion would be top.

Thos003Close 2nd… SEO so that you can be found and then convert.

AlanBleiweissUser Experience is the foundation principle for all online marketing, starting with the site experience itself; design is typically NOT A/B split tested except for PPC when it should always be part of the design process – even if SEO and PPC weren’t considerations (and they should be), A/B design testing is essential to a web site’s success

russpage – We focused on design for one site. Revenue went up over 500 percent with an 8 percent drop in traffic. Now onto traffic.

dan_patterson – 2 things: trust & usability are huge.1- I don’t trust most sites that look like crap. 2- if I won’t use it, I can’t buy

scottcowley – Good design indicates a company cares about customer experience. I consider it almost an extension of customer service

Among all the decisions you will make in starting an online business, the design you choose for your website will be one of the most important.

Case Study:

“One of the first products that we worked on with with our website was an ebook on how to get a raise from your current job by using email marketing. After spending a few days writing the sales copy and putting the auto-responder in place, we set up a Google ad campaign to start driving traffic to the site. After two weeks we had received a few clicks, but no one had opted in to receive our free guide…

“Eventually, we decided to change the design on our website. It only took a few hours after changing the design and we received our first organic lead. Now the sales page is consistently converting.”

If you’re looking for help with an existing website or would like direction on starting a new project, contact Moller Marketing today for a free website design consultation.

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